Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thank goodness for that!!

The trains are not a problem. I did not like being chewed out for a failing on operation's part, it not my fault he failed to communicate the path to me. When he lets a train on to the main line, he KNOWS its path. I am not a mind reader...and NOR is it my job to chase it up. If I see a clash I run the electric as we always do. SO that started my day off to a great start. Grrrr

Some of my colleagues where just plain wearing. I feel drained by spending so much time with them. SO I had to escape to Subway just to get calm again. I was worn out!!

My relief was late, and this is the guy who wants a big favour from me. Hmmmmmm pull your socks people! I have only so much tolerance and I bit his head off when he did turn up.

I had to rush to catch David before his train left Campbelltown so I could give him the keys so he could get home. Thanks a lot guys.

I saw that the sky in Picton was clear and the lovely moon was full. I thought I would attempt my yet to be mastered Starlight photos.
The moon was lovely. I tried many different F stops and LIked F11 best. I them moved onto the stars but never got what I wanted so Still a fail. :-(

Full Moon

I tried some arty type stuff... then gave up. Low light continues to be a challenge for me. Ah well.

Picton Yard

Off to bed after some bourbon...

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