Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thank you to close friends and an update(Mini rant)

Thank you to the few people who have effectively sat by my side (Not literally) for the past few days holding my hand, whilst I have sat in a dark corner with my Domo. The food left beside me and the soothing words help a great deal. The toe people of greatest note are David, my husband and Koen (Overseas friend) Both have been there to listen to my whining and tears. Of course I bounce out of it leaving a trail of destruction, but that seems to be the cycle I live on. :-(

That aside, the past two week days have been bearable. Peta and Betts, set up a fat fucks challenge, the person to lose the most weight will win the kitty. The buy in is $50 each. There are at least 10 people. Squee! That means of course I am back in the game. To find out our start point, Peta weighed every one Sunday. Trouble is ONE person was too heavy for the scales she had. So we had to be re-weighed the next day. Rats but at least I was not the heaviest!!! A win for me.

STILL I am over the magic 3 digit mark so that puts me firmly in the obese..SOOOOO I signed up. Even if I only lose enough to get back down to 2 digits, I will be happy. That does explain why my uniform is too small or too big.. Hmmmm

Today's effort saw Me and Brian deal with a failed train, of course everyone is an instant expert. Why can't they do this why not that? Geez... You think we want a train rusting go the rails on a set of points in morning peak?? Use your brain. The drivers were very good about that, they all did as they were asked and they passed on messages to guards and the public. The crew on the disabled train and the train stuck behind it were excellent. They worked as a team to amalgamate the two trains and it would have worked if the brakes on the original broken train had jammed on.. RIGHT.... we ended up walking the ppl off through the second train. Anything to get the poor ppl off the train. 1600 ppl walked through two trains to stand on Penshurst station....

ANyway it was around 2hrs before we could get the disabled train to move.....and them the rest of my shift was moping up... Delays of up to 111mins late.. And some people were complaining about a 30 min delay.. Huh. I thought we did well to keep things moving. oh well..

The new security plans for the place are a bit OCD... actually a LOT OCD... stupid really.. some are good ideas but most are just dumb. Still what can we do? One day we will need retina scans to get in. Geez..

David has been trying to move my pre-paid iphone to a $10 plan so I can get 3GB of Data instead of the 2GB I get now for $49 His idea is great except Telstra business do not know their products. Hmmmm :-( It has been an hour and the 4th or 5th person who has to check to see if it is available.... ARRGHHHH IT says it is available on the bloody website. Just do it!! This call is 2hrs long... it reminds me why we left telstra in the first place. How can this take over 2 hours...

NOW My BIG news...I sold a picture for $500. As i Don't have to print the A1 myself I gave them a $40 discount. YAY!

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