Monday, August 9, 2010

The weekend of busyness photo heavy

Sooo yummy!!

Saturday had me out of bed early to meet Troy for breakfast. i do like the pancake on the Rocks. It's a great start to the day. David had to rush off to get to work, so Troy kindly drove him to the station.
Beau met me just outside the pancake parlor and i walked with him to the shopping centre, we arrived at a strangely quiet time of day... It was just after 1030 and no one was around..this was lucky as my trains are 2 hourly and i had around 1hr 40 before the next one. Beau'sphone was waiting for him.. It struck me as odd that i bought mine in the city and Beau got his at Campbelltown. Still my adopted teen was barely holding it together as the box sat on the salesman's desk... So close... And yet.. I had to wait for Druey's assistance to get Beau's plan of choice....

Beau studies the form guide
Beau reads the form guide

Huge thanks to Mr Kennedy xoxo

Anyway Beau took his shiney upstairs, paid for my coffee and he tethered my iPhone to his laptop so shiney would live and he could fondle it's curves on the way home. I actually understood this... I had to wait until I got home.. So frustrating..

I got my train home, but because i had forgotten MY shiney, i had to resort of an analogue magazine. Hmmm the poinch to zoom does not work....and if I click the links, nothing loads... :-/

I slept the rest of the day, David coming home from work in time to wave me off...


Work was quiet...

All ready in sports uniform

First.... Tim has a great discription of the City 2 Surf and so I would urge you to go and read his blog at
City to Surf day. My annual walk to Bondi. I have done this so often it is second nature to get to the start line on time.

City 2 surf
The start looking towards the Back of the pack
Tim & C2S start
Tim photo bombs with the tongue

What was different this year was David was not escorting me there and taking my bag to Bondi. David was actually going to walk with me. Yay!! Timmay my walking companion last year, was going to run. So I was happy to have my husband by my side..

Tim had met me at work, and so I travelled in with him. The start was less painful than previous years and the three of us set off. Tim left us at Kingcross tunnel and that was the last we saw of him until the end.
City 2 surf
I found Wally

City 2 surf

The day sydney put on was indescribably beautiful. Truly a stunning day.

My foot injury started hurting at edgecliff, and was white hot hobbling pain at rosebay, ah yes it's all about routine.... I did take random pics on the way.. I used the old 3GS as the 4 was busy doing the route info.
Be damned if he will beat me
Poor bastard but he was NOT going to beat me

David never passes up a tasty treat
David never passes a tasty treat

Passing my old high school
Some people know how to do it in Style

City 2 surf
View from Kinkoppal (Top of Heart break hill)

Megan passed us at Dover heights. She looked like she was pushing herself a bit hard, but she waved off our offer of help and jogged off. At this point, I rang sms'd Tim to be on the look out for her, yes, I was worried.

Nutters City 2 surf
They were raising money. Insane!!

North Bondi
North Bondi

Bondi beach facing north
Bondi Beach facing North

Beautiful Bondi beach
Bondi Beach facing South

The finish line came and Tim greeted us. It is always nice to have people at the end for you. The slower you become throughout the years, the more vital having that person at the end becomes.

Me & Tim
David took a sneaky pic

Corporate bbqs
Some of the Corporate tables.. We had the best lunch on the beach

More run stats
Slower and Slower

Had the pleasure of Olivier's company through the night, my shift was again quiet. Had the usual suspects not where they should be but as i was stiff, i was not moving. I get the same money, why do two or three times the work?

Can't wait to crawl into bed with my husband.. And sleep my sleep of the dead.

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