Friday, August 6, 2010

What a shit day

Shit day work
The day didn't stop. From the minute I sat down, i was slaughtered. Just when I got a minute to run to the toilet, I got a call about something else. The least annoying thing was a TWA of all things.
I was grateful to my friends who kept me semi sane, but i did yell at a trainer who spent more time wandering around than worrying about his work, then someone else went walk about. My exact quote to one guy was"Shit the fuck down!" people looked shocked but I am sick n tired of covering pp.'s arses. These are all senior staff members. Is it so hard to stay put?
David's modem arrived... ADSL2 on monday??
Evan made the top of his climb...

Drink a little bit made me despondent. So not worth it
Need to lie down.. Helping Beau chase rainbows tomorrow..

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