Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Another perfect day

Alas not for me...
I had accepted a 12hr shift as I needed to now try to buy a news lens before my next big event. The whole issue is very depressing..Just when I was going to mange to pay some bills..

Ah well. Tim make me an invoice to send to the buyers.. (Thank you)

12hrs went fast as I was busy most of the day.

I missed a blue sky Grump.. AND I came home to a new computer yay!!! D bought it as a surprise for me! Squee!!! Much faster then my existing Win7 computer. I am very excited

OH!!! And the snakes have mites GRRR.. Damned things I have to strip the cages bare and treat three of them. Hate hate hate...

We FINALLY Have a new Prime Minister!

Julia Gillard will lead our country until it all derails..I expect an early election. I do doubt it will last the full 3yrs..Ah well.

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