The Chinese came

I got rudely awaken by the iphone... Alarm.. the chinese are coming.. Of course I was so tired last night I set the alarm an hour late so clothes on and out the door to beat the morning peak traffic.
David and I were lucky and missed all the traffic all the way to Manly.

The we set up....and waited.. They were optimistically due in at 0840, but as the original arrival time was 0930, we were not counting on the 0840 time.
Crouchy turned up and I finally got to meet him. YAY!

The River Embley passed by on her was to the Dry dock at Garden Island.....the Seahorse Mercator passed by did a u-turn and returned to the city.. Humpbacks played in the water....

River Emberly heading to dry dock
River Embley - iPhone photo

then aircraft from Williamtown Airshow passed by.... First the Orion, the the DC-3, followed by a Mustang, then the Super Connie, with the Catalina. An airshow whilst we waited...

Still the humpbacks played.. unconcerned..I shot some crows.. great portaits, they were happy to pose.. a seal frolicked on the rocks... joggers passed by...

Crouchy Spied the HMAS Stuart at Bradley's head so we all went silly photographing her as she came into the fast dwindling sunlight.. YES The clouds had started to come over with a vengeance.

Around 10am the two Chinese ships turned to shore and the Pilot Governor Bligh hightailed it out to sea to meet them. Closely followed by two whale watching ships.. the Whales vanished...along with any sunlight. ARRGGHHH Again with grey ships and grey sky...

The Training ship the Zhenghe and the frigate Mianyang passed through the heads. YAY Worth waiting for. The Frigate is 2 years old I am told.. (From a reliable source) and the Training ship had a banner saying good friends on the side.

The mainyang
Frigate Miangyang PLA Navy - iPhone photo

The Two ships are here for a week so go and see them if you are in town.

Tired we drove to Pancakes at Macarthur as I never got my weekend breakfast. Delicious...

Hopefully I will get to the camera pics shortly.. I have a 5000pic backlog... :-( Anyway these iPhone pics will have to do.


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