Coulda but didn't

Yesterday, I had plenty of time to blog something but didn't. Why?? Tired, grumpy and frankly fed up. Not with my friends of husband, though my closest two got caught in the cross fire. David coping most of it, but three others as well. To them all I do apologize.

As you all know, my relief did not turn up and the table man took over so i could go to River Island.

Tulips at Mittagong

Well a few hours there were only slightly recharging. Like being charged with a trickle charge when you need a fast charge.
It's Joey season, the joeys starting to spend most of their days outside of the pouch, so the adults are wary of people. Still would have made great photos if i had not ruined them all with a high ISO d'oh!

Stupid basic mistake. Beer by the pool, reading. Lovely.

David helped me set up a time exposure. I have yet to have success with star trails. So he assisted then went to bed. Poor dear had been kept awake from his night shift by my mother who had insisted in getting him to install a wall oven. Really. After a night shift?

So i sat up waiting for my 90minute exposure.of course a 90 exposure means a 90 minute noise reduction. Brought the camera inside and went to bed.

Of course this meant, I was awake at 0700hrs. Oh no.

Edit:- oops fell asleep writing this,.. Now what am i up to....

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