Friday, September 17, 2010

Herp meeting

OK our speaker of the month cancelled today due to the football. YES he thought that a monthly meeting of Herpetologists was less important than the fucking football. Thanks a lot. People were hurt and disappointed they had given un football to hear you talk... the LEAST you could have done is turn up.


SO Wendy ran an ideas meeting which was good as the members that had turned up, could voice ideas on improving the club. Lots of Ideas and I ended up re-organising the Website, the membership for the doing the newsletter....UM don't go to a meeting fatigued... OH well free coffee and we had ideas about the direction of the club in the next few months.
We talked about the xmas party and so we are having a petting show.. but with our tamest pets. We roped a new member... (Today!) to bring in his spiders and Scorpions... so I hope he does.. I may be arranging this too..... !!

OH well I like to be useful.
NO Macherps show next year. Sad but arranging a big show is way beyond my abilities and the show committee is tired and over it. I don't blame them. Our little xmas show will be the only one.

Alright!! Off to bed! Big day tomorrow.


Black Tiger snake
Black Tiger Snake

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