Is that the time?

Was soo tired after last night's shift. The last minute signal failure was too much.
The points failure that delayed my train was the last straw. I collapsed into my bed and there i stayed until woken up at 1530. A 7hr sleep which is a record for me. Looking at my sleep chart, i was dead for the first 2 or 3 hours.

Record sleep

Waking up, David asked me to out the snakes outside as it was a warm day. So I checked Eve and saw her wounds had a covering of skin, new though it is, and so put her in an outside cage. The snake immediately went up the stick and there she stayed, stretched out in the sunshine. One very happy snake.

Lillith, ink and medusa were also put outside, but aside from ink, stayed in the hides. Silly snakes. Ink though, stretched her head out onto a rock hide and basked until i came near then she hid again. But at least she took advantage of the light. :-)


Eve enjoyed her first day outside

The rest of the afternoon was spent watching tv, samples of my t-shirt design arrived, well the hood version. The design looks good on the white. Was thinking of donating the girl's t to the raffle at the herp meeting. Or maybe the white hoodie. Hmm an idea and will get others to maybe look at my store. :-) a few people have expressed an interest in the design.. They are just funny about buying from an on-line store.

Tim's signaller's cup also has interest but is also fighting the lack of interest in the on-line shopping.

My design works well

I was given the task of updating the macherps website, what a nightmare!!! Who ever designed it was a cruel cruel person. I have no idea where to start, it has been dumbed down so much it is impossible to workout what the pictograms all mean. My brain hurts from the design alone. I really need help on this one. A complete re-design is on the cards. Arrgghhh
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