Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's been busy

And tiring. I went from a perfect day shooting to night shift. Some good shots but i spent most of my time catching up on QLD photos.

My lens was sold within a few minutes and so David and I dropped it off the East Hills as it was the son of a friend of his.
Friday saw my having a few hours sleep, then off to the city to meet Tim. Tim had managed to procure my COC card and so I needed it for next week. David went to Georges whilst Tim and I went to the wildlife world hunting a bamboo snake.
Success for us saw us joining David at Georges. Mistake.. Poor D the generous soul, bought me a new 90-300mm, as they were on sale $380 he also purchased a ring flash. I am a lucky girl in so many ways.
Tim departed for home, as David and I made our way to Evan's place for Beau's birthday lasagna tub. It was a great evening with friends, but as i had to work, i could not fully relax. I was watching the clock the whole time.


Tiger at Australia Zoo

Saw me editing more photos, David left for a camping trip, me sleep the arvo and then off to work. Mega boring...

Koen left for his three week holiday, so no chats in the night :-( damn. It's lonely when your night company leave but i am sure he deserves a holiday.

kp20100911 072

Sunday had me doubling back to arvo, so i went out to La Perouse for some sunrise shots. I did around 300 odd shots and i am happy with the results but we shall have to see how they look on the monitor.

La Perouse

Right an arvo battling the fucking football enthusiasts for our right to the tv, we paid as much, so we wanna watch a movie. Fuck them. It's a matter of time before we get vetoed.

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