Got up at 0200hrs.. Had to catch a train out of Campbelltown at 0350hrs.. so After getting ready, shower, getting my bag.. I was out the door at 0310 and on my train on time. :-)

The day was reasonably dull, I didn't get into trouble, got the work down, no trains delayed and I got an early mark WIN!! Go Early train #1 then managed to run to get early train #2 which meant I beat the southern Highlands train home. :-)

Soo the day was pleasant. THEN I remembered I had to to to the Herp meeting...As an office bearer, I have to go to as many as I can, and technically I CAN go... :-( But I am tired...and I have to drive predawn tomorrow to get the boys to go to the Airshow which is 3hrs away. ugh..

I hope this is not going to all fall in a heap.. Burning the candle at both ends.

Been playing with my 2009 bracketed photos of paris... As I find Photomatix easy to use.

HDR Eiffel Tower
From the Fountain using it as a steadying device

HDR Eiffel Tower
Love this one.. If only I had a tripod but the crowds were HUGE

HDR of night scene

What do you guys think??? LMK.

These french photos have been sitting on my hard drive since June 2009 waiting for me to learn HDR... YAY!


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