Sunday, September 26, 2010

Morning shift is Evil

So as is my habit of morning shift,I got up at 3am. 3am as I was driving to work, not taking the train (2am ) ugh.Felt like the car had run over me :-( I had a lovely note from a friend currently in france which cheered me up and made the start to the day much more bearable. YAY! I smiled all through my shower.
The drive was painless, no one is one the roads at 4am.. I listened to the firies just from sheer boredom, nothing on the radio at all. Work was busy as there is a weekend possession, but a rather tedious day was ruined (As in made miserable) by my relief not bothering to arrive. At 1331, I rang the roster clerk to see who it was and by 1338, I asked the table man to just do the shift as I had to go. Fucker. Didn't ring to say he would be late, and ignored all my phone calls. Extremely rude. I reckon he had forgotten he was working.. still not my problem there were no more AM shift people left to offer the 12hrs to so arvo table had to do it.

I drove home, met David who had come off night shift, but still had not gone to bed, and we left for River Island. I wanted to put the Sigma 30mm f 1.4 through it paces, and so D took me to the free part of the Tulip festival. OH how I wish I had that Tamron 60mm macro. I am still shitty at myself. Here it would have been perfect. ARRGGHH

The Sigma was slow to focus, so it is not good for fast shooting photography...but the colours and sharpness seem good. It will be hard to tell until I get home. HUH I really need Tim's monitors for this sort of work...

Mittagong park


The drive down to River Island was uneventful (Thank goodness) and I shot some lookout pictures. I drive past the lookout all the time, but have never stopped.

Upon arrival, Col asked us to catch and remove a brown tree snake before some out hits it with a hammer..Sigh.. I have to catch a colubrid with um... any stick I find and bag him. But if I can catch him, I'll take him up the hill away from the looney tourists.

Pleasant lunch with beer. Then by the pool with beer... but that only adds up to two beers.. 10 to go.. can't drink tomorrow... must return to work :-(

SO Tomorrow, Snake catching and some photography or maybe just lie by the pool...

Oh yes, you should all be jealous. :-)

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