Thursday, September 16, 2010

Part one Wonderful Day Part 2 Pardon me but you are a moron

Work Sponsored Hotel room
The Work Sponsored Hotel room

So the day was quiet wonderful. Not perfect but damned close to it.

Parramatta HDR
My first HDR

D came back to the hotel room around midnight and an sms woke me up around 1am. My own fault, but we decided to use the time in a hotel room wisely.. waking the neighbours. All the neighbour's doors started slamming......which sent us into a fit of giggles...

After a few more hours sleep...I dressed in my old guard's blues. The signaller's uniform is not worth using for a flanno....which we did once a long time ago.. converted a crappy polo shirt to a flanno...See pics.. on flickr..

The registration was quick and I ran into Anita and Troy (Squeak). Troy joined us for breakfast and I caught up with a few people I had not seen in three years, I missed a safety comp in 2008 due to being in romania and last year it was cancelled. I had a bit of time to gather trinkets and one of my favourites was a spine...Yes I now have a spine.

My first comp was work on track safety in which I was in the top 4... and then general safe working again in the top 4...yay. Trouble is both finals were at the same time. After a dispute with the organisers (There were 5 of us int he same boat) the moved one 5 minutes so we could race from on to the other. Alas I could not raise my status above 4th.. :-( I sat the train crewing safe working with Troy and D and of course I was smashed but this is to be expected, I have been gone 10 years. IT has been 10 years since I worked a train. Gee... Troy and D made it to the final. I was going to go with them, but I had a communication lecture that alas I could not see more than 5 minutes of as I had to go to the final of the PPP comp. Troy and D rushed in just as it was starting and Troy and I got a place. Squee!!

Fire comp 2010
This lens did amazing action shots

I got some awesome photos. I was challenging myself to use a prime standard lens today. Not take the easy way and use a zoom. At first it was a struggle.. but I settled into the lens and we started to mesh. Ah I could get used to this. I did a lot of portraits. Its amazing. I just went up and asked random people for their portrait and most said yes.Amazing

Rose Hill Racecourse
Refinery from the Racecourse

Rose Hill Racecourse Rose
A rose at the Racecourse. f/2 FTW

I had a great time. I took some fire pics.. I loved the way the prime dealt with the fire...

In sad news an elec branch employee was severely burnt at the fire demo. He stepped into the tray of petrol...and his pants caught on fire. poor. Kid. :-( A big mar to the day. Least he was close to Concord Hospital...

D got Silver
David Gets Silver

I got bronze in PPP

The great Troy Green
Troy Green

Troy receives his second award..
and Troy shows us how he really feels about winning Gold

I won Bronze in the PPP comp. I had a quick tour of the Waratah simuator and D drove me to Granville where I had 10 minutes to visit my roster clerk. I saw Steve Mulheron and Jurgen both of whom I had not seen in years. I was a grade one with Steve saw me last. 10 years ago!! Jurgen was my junior when I was a grade 4 at Auburn and we had a good catch up. :-) I caught the Glenfield train that actually met the Southern Highlands train!! SQUEE!!!!

D had arranged for the post office to allow me a late pickup... and this is where part 2 comes in...

I got my dream macro.. A tamron 60mm 1:1 lens.. I excitly opened it to see........

NIKON WTF?? A quick check of the auction revealed I had fucked up royally. SHIT
A beautifu; day ruined by my stupidity.

ARRGGHH $499 down the drain and the fucking canon one is $486 FFS!

Any Nikon peeps want a tamron Macro lens??? New.... I have one mildy interested party but it not his job to bail me out of my own stupidity so in case he can't or doesn't want it... anyone else who may have an interest LMK and I will talk turkey...
PLEASE?????? Or buy me the canon one and I will do a direct swap..


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