Thursday, September 23, 2010

The past few days-in love again

Have been busy... As i am on night shift, as always, my available hours to work on photos is extremely limited. Gone are the days of doing work at work. Shame as it was an excellent way of staying focused.

Tuesday was a blur goodness what i did.
Wednesday had me sleep in until just after 1330 and i see a message that friends were coming to arvo tea. I was now in a flap... By the time they arrived i was still in a night gown, and David was showering. Still the afternoon was most pleasant. I had Koen to tease as well which brightened up the whole afternoon. It all went beautifully. Trouble is nothing got done. the boys played with macro in my backyard with dandelions ( David and i having not housekeeping skills) then Ben and I went to the hero meeting in the city. This of course meant i had to drive to the cut at 1800, but it seemed to be flowing today.
The meeting was initially boring... The lady had lovely photos but very little to say about herps. THEN it got interesting. Ben and I met a rough scaled python. Two years old, well mannered young man. He gave me a kiss on the nose and tolerated my inspection of his wonderful scales. They are keeled! Such a marvelous creature.

Rough scaled python.

Rough scaled python

I WANT ONE!!!! no, two.. I WANT TWO. whaa!!! So many wonderful native animals so little floor space.
It was with great regret that i left early to go to work. Bugger.
As i was not busy wednesday shift, i was refreshed for the morning, the drive home was most pleasant and after i saw D off to bed, ( i had to rescue him from Campbelltown) i attempted go do some photos. I ended up talking to Koen, who seemed to be having a marvelous time with some people he had just met. I wish he had a camera, it not fair not seeing these places.


I had a 4 hr nap, only waking when D's phone rang.
Did some photo editing, but then the windows 7 computer decided not to work on the net. So i lost 4 hours work. Major grunt.
I finished the membership form for the Macherps so one chore done.

Off to work, i had had no time to fiddle with the reasons why the comouter doesn't like the network.

Nothing creative occurred today, makes me a little sad that i have achieved nothing. Walked into a signal failure.. Yay.. Time to work..

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