Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Perfect shooting day

SO Tim and I went to the harbour. Our favourite haunt. The day was cool but perfect clean deep blue skies... So we did what all good railway employees do, jumped on a ferry... :-)
The day was the best I had seen for ages.. The Pacific Sun had berthed at OPT and the Pacific Jewel was at Barangaroo

The highlight was meeting Chris in person. Tim and I had a great Morning tea, making him late back to work. OOPS

A had to go to Georges to see if my 18-200 could be repaired and as I suspected it was better to buy a new one. Trouble is my credit cards disagreed.. FUCK. I have a lens I know will die one day, and no way of replacing it. I even got a $400 reduction. Damn Damn damn. I have no choice now then to use my photo money on the new lens. I did look at the Tamron 18-270, but everyone agrees the canon is better. **Sigh**

Lotsa blue pics.. Couldn't help it. A throughly enjoyable day just marred by the lens issue. Oh well can't stress about what you can't change.

Had to rush home to be there for D, and I picked him up to go to the post office.SOme apple goodies in the mail, an adaptor for the Ipad, and a new car charger slightly higher output for the iP4 and the iPad .

I did a time lapse on my beer, that I sorely needed (The ber not the timelaspe)
Back to Georges on Friday to nab a new lens. **Sigh**

Pacific Sun

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