Poetry by Mike Smith


As madness sets in
I seek comfort
comfort in emptiness,
comfort in the dark.
As madness sets in,
I realize,
realize the truth
the unsaid notion of pain
that consumes my being,
can't let it go
won't let it go,
As madness sets in
I take another breath,
my penance for being alive.

I like this one very much. Of course language is not my forté, so appreciate people who can manipulate it skillfully.

Nostalgia trip

Once in a while,
It comes back,
A flood of memories that makes me stop.
A scent or sound that triggers an unlikely history,
Some call it a walk down memory lane,
To me, it is more like a,
Nervous stroll down an alley in a shitty neighborhood.
It made me a man,
Turned me into this mess
Would I go back?
Who know?
Demons and goblins I dropped along the way,
But I have to laugh a tearful cry,
Where are they at?
would I even recognize them?
A handshake or a punch in the face?
I'll probably never know.
But here's to you anyway,
Until next time.

I like his work. Hope we can have a drink together one day.

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