Ugh woke up on Tuesday to horrible cramps, that got worse as the morning progressed. I had to call in sick at the last minute which will be on my record... :-( but I could not make it. David was by my side, making sure I was cared for and got me to the doctor's office.
Picton medical centre refused to take me,soi had to go to Tahmoor. When someone is in agony, that 10km extra is torture. Thanks Picton. :-/ hire more doctors.

Doctor could do nothing for me, but suggested I would benefit from a water/gatorade only diet for a day or two.. Or maybe she thought I was fat... Either way the advise was drink and try to keep pain killers down...ugh

The next 20hrs were miserable. D escaped to work, and I tried to sleep, but I was sore, every muscle hurt so sleeping was minimal. D got no sleep when he got home as I kept tossing. :-( sorry D.

By mid Wednesday, I felt better, most muscle pain had gone, only a severe headache remained & I think that was from me grinding my teeth. It's terrible when a severe headache in an improvement but it really was.
D took me to joel's were I had plain eggs, no butter or cream, just a bit of skim milk and peppermint tea. It had been almost 2 days since my last meal so worth a try.

We got ready and soldiered on to the Waldorf for our convention hotel room.
The hotel were told, that D needed an early dinner. They gave us an early sitting, we told the waitress, who said she would not move his meal up, he would have to wait. Huh? These other employees were drinking and not going to work in the next 40mins,whereas, D was. The meal arrived after D had left for work, and it was only when I ran out with his food in a plastic box, that he saw his steak at all. Very poor service.
The hotel is supposed to be 4.5 stars... Hmmmm I prefer the hotel across the road that they used last year. This place is not worth it's 4.5stars. Mine you the housekeeping staff are excellent.

Took lots of city lights shits, with the new 35mm f/2 lens very happy but will have to see on a monitor.

Still sensitive, but alive and so not complaining.

Bring on the weekend!!


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