Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So anyway


So i spent the day chatting to friends via the satellite, lounging on my sofa spot in the sun when a lzard (well a skink) came to sit by me. I went to get the camera, expecting him to flee, but he was quite happy to sit by me, tolerate a few photos and then we both napped in the sun.

My new friend.

I managed a one hour sleep, when David was ready to go home. We got caught up in traffic due to the rediculous amount of road work on the Hume highway. 15-20 minutes of my life stolen by this crap. make it worse, in the single land section, someone hit someone else, causing the only lane to stop. Arrghh

A few precious hours home, when i had to go to work. I seemed to have lost my pass. :-(

Work was torture, only because i was so tired. I was on the freight line, so no rest at all throughout the night.

Friends chatted and Olivier, who vanished on me in August, has returned. Yay. I struggling with my French though, all my french seems to have gone. :-( sad making. Trouble is i still understand the basics, maybe i am just not geared to languages and i should just give up in the while thing. Maybe i should not make decisions when tired....

Home again meant precious sleep. ALAS only 4 hours. I fiddled with light room, i seem to be getting the hang of it, i can get some nice results using the basic tools. I should try to delve into this program and then upgrade to Photoshop. Photoshops scares me. Too many options.

I was settling into sleep in the afternoon sleep, for my midnight wakeup when i received a please rescue me call. Sigh. I was so tired i nearly missed a bridge, swerving at the last minute, and then got lost three times in Mt Annan. Even with the GPS, my powers of reasoning were so impaired I could not follow the simple instructions. I was so frustrated.

By 1900hrs i was back in bed being soothed, having not killed myself. Yet.

2345hrs came around FAR too quickly, but David had a lump of Kangaroo meat ready for me.
Finally i feel sort of refreshed.the drive to work was relaxing, uneventful, only one person trying to kill me so a win all-round.

Now at work, 12hrs and counting...

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