Sunday, September 5, 2010

Weekend was a wash out

I had a busy weekend of shooting lined up. Easy roster made my juggling of my time a little easier.. BUT Saturday was a wash out. There was supposed to be an oppurtunity to shoot the HMAS SYdney upclose at the marine open day with Nemisis being on display as well. I was very very disappointed when the day broke with heavy rain and cloud. There was no point driving down to Wollongong. Very very frustrating.

Sunday has gale force winds in town cleared up the skies but I could not face waiting in town 5hours for the expected steam train to turn up. There are days when life get all too much. David was exhausted anyway.

Am spending the day on the couch, a first in months watching a bluray. I so rarely have time at home and time on the couch is so rare that I rarely know what Troy is talking about with his famous people.. SO this is a welcome relief.

Today is father's day in Australia. Now I don't have one, yes a guy who donated gentic material but not a father. My grandfather did his best to raise such an unruely ungrateful child. But he died in 1996 (I think)

SO Happy father's Day to the men who look after and care about children, whether you sired them or not. You guys deserve a lovely day.
Rarer creatures than you may think

Father and son, 1916

To men like my own "father" fuck u all.

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