well we won

IN that Peta and I managed to keep the TV for ourselves. YAY. But you know what?? The footy nutters went downstairs to the electricians and watched it there. Why can't they just accept they cant have it their own way all the time. We let them watch the final 20mins. not totalluy unreasonable.

ANYWAY we watched both Piranha movies one and two. The 1970's being cheesy and the 1980's one even sillier. Yay for stupid movies.

The tunnel was closed (AGAIN) so I was caught in traffic. I spied the entrance to the park that leads to cook river and the reflections that were on the still water.. Of course I had to pull in. Better than being stuck in traffic.

I stayed as long as I dared in a dark park alone before having to leave. You get a feeling sometimes that it is unwise to remain in one place... I'll be back...I need to do the same shoot with my 10-22mm instead of the 18-55mm. But it was a great scouting trip.

Very happy with yesterday morning's photos, well except the ones of the Jpo Leo :-( . The 18-55mm is not sharp which is a shame, I will now be in the hunt for the 17-50mm f2.8 tamron as a replacement. That gets good sharpness reviews. Of course I need to wait for another payday..

Sunrise of La Perouse  Golf course

Post Botany at Sunrise


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