Yay & grunt

Chatted to Koen through the night, kept me awake. I seem to take up far too much of his holiday time, the poor guy is supposed to be on a relaxing holiday and all he gets is a whinging Aussie in his ear.

Oops ::blush:: sorry.

I did layby the snakes. They are 20% off if you place a 20% deposit. So i one a share in two eggs.. They hatch in December and will be ready for pick in Feb. Yay!! Bouncing baby snakes to train. Ah memories.. Now to spy for the blighters...or I'll lose my deposit. I'll say it's my solstice and birthday present to myself.

The signal that was failing through the night, (dodgy trip arm) fail for morning peak at 0518 just as Peta walked in. Grrr now they will have to fix it properly.

Signal and point failure at Campbelltown meant my train 35-40 mins late... So instead of getting home at 0707hrs I am at menangle park at 0713hrs...

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