Sunday, October 24, 2010

The 2010 Sydney Motor Show (Take 2) and I step into Hong Kong again

I stayed at work and got some shut eye before meeting David and Tim for Breakfast. We all caught up with each other at Town hall.

Off to to Pancakes at Darling harbour saw my again asking my pineapple to be sacrificed but it was a pleasant dining experience. We wandered to the motor show, bought tickets and were told to wait. ARRGHH why? Its ready lets us in! We have cars to shop for.
Below is my summary. Tim has a more in depth post.. so read it here

peugeot RCZ
this is on my list although David has to squeeze in and at $60K it is a high end of my price range

Mitsubishi Lancer
The Lancer was on my list but as it is not produced in Manual a big red line through that car.

A surpirse entry for Tim was this French car...
Renault Koleos

and of course where there are women, there is Tim and David

Tim and the Yetti GirlsIsuzu Girls

Never let a girl pass by...
We ran into Mr & Mrs Squeak

Squeak and Mrs Squeak

Big red car
the ONLY comfortable VW
Top Gear um thing

Audi R8 5.2 Quattro

David was bone tired, and when we decided enough was enough, then we ventured outside.. it was pouring! The sky has opened and we got a waterfall falling on us. Luckily it is not far to central. David and I bid Tim Goodbye, and we went to electronic central. Every time I go here, I have the strange sensation that I have returned to Hong Kong.

The love linerGiant miffy"we love money SO MUCH"Ok did want..Ok did want..For the alcoholic geek..

I bought a new iPad cover. Didn't NEED it but it looked a little like reptile skin. AND it was red.
Shame it cost almost as much as my Apple cover. Interestingly, when I pulled my ipad out of its official Apple cover (RP$50) the back was scratched. I have NEVER had my iPad out of it cover I put it right in when I thook the thing out of its box so the scratches could only be fromt he back of the cover being too thin. oh yay. Well this one doesn't protect the top as well as the Apple one but the front and back and behind a thicker layer from my bag. So maybe it s a yay?

We spent 40 minutes waiting for a bus that was a 20 minute service. It took 30 minutes to do a 10 minute train trip. SO Sydney buses are a fail.  Wish the state would remember busses feed the heavy rail and NOT thinking they replace rail on long journeys. BUses are slow and inefficient. Morre feeder buses for more trains.


  1. I was astounded that Mitsubishi no longer manufactures their Ralliart and EVo Lancers in Manuals!!! As the guy said no one is buying manuals. The Top Gear thingy is a Toyota Rukas. I have no idea why it it's in the Toyota line up. Looks poxy. The RCZ is a great little sporty coupe! OK, a little hard to get into, but I'm looking forward to taking it for a spin.

    Buses in Sydney SUCK!!!

  2. That sucks about the iPad gettin' all scratched up, even when it had APPLE's case. They should give you a trade-in just for that.

  3. Shawn- yeah and i am OCD about such things. A little pissed off actually. :-( a $50 genuine case & still gets scratched. Arrghhh

    Tim- i cant express how frustrating it is, that i can't order cars to spec. If i am spending more than $45000 why can't i get what I want? Be it colour, trim or gearbox.


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