Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ack technical issues

I was on Sutherland panel last night. I was there 5 minutes when a signal sorta failed. It was failing as it went to stop. But when it cleared, it was ok. The Sig elecs turned up, and that was when it failed completely. Oh yay. :-( this coupled with the reports not working, made it tough to keep things running as smoothly as i would have liked.

2hours later, they had nailed the problem to a relay. Least it was fixed.

The boys flipped out when one guy saw a cockroach. ::sigh:: harden up people. The experts were lecturing others in god knows what so i tuned out.

My bed was well received and i crashed. Slept past D getting up, and only awoke when he came tp say good bye, he was heading to River Island. I am left with my snakes, my treadmill and the prospect of more night shifts ahead. ::sad:: i would have liked to go with him.
Ink was out basking. She was unusually relaxed.

Ink relaxed

Yingarna and Eve kept me company for my workout. Eve grating bored soon and hid, yingarna stayed, keeping an eye on what i was doing.

Audience, I haz
Today's challenge
My challenge today was 10mins more than yesterday. 80minutes.

My reward was a huge bole of fruit salad that slim had given me last night. I added my favourite yoghurt and i was in heaven. Yummy.

On the train tonight. I hope i have a relief that allows me to get the train. My day tomorrow is full on.

Fingers crossed that I don't get much freight.

Oh!! Heard the funniest thing from my photographer friend in the states. He was paid, to shoot a coupon class. After i picked myself off the floor, i confirmed that is was what it sounded like. This is a class, a big class, on how to use coupons to save money. It was even more astounding when i discovered that it was an advanced coupon class. Did the graduated from $1 to percentage coupons??? Honestly... WTF?? and only in the USA


  1. Jen used to work with a guy who, in his off hours taught a class on how to use Twitter. That seems pretty ridiculous to me. But I could see how some, less tech-savvy individuals might need the help.

    But a coupon class? Srsly? Wow.

  2. Coupon Class. ROFL thats tops!! But it may be a good thing if it saves you money. I hope it is a free class or there is a discount coupon for it :-)


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