Friday, October 1, 2010

Almost finished days

Yesterday was atrocious. The XPT center had to use my freight lines to store trains, causing blockages to my freight trains. Stressful as these trains have a small window to run on the man lines before the start of arvo peak.
If not for the friends chatting to me all day I would have been even blacker in mood.
Went home in a foul mood, and dived into my Guitar hero 6 that had arrived on tuesday. 4 hours of playing loosened my shoulders. It took that long for me to get rid of the frustration.

Still annoyed though when i went to bed, when a close friend chose to ring. He had decided to take keep a macro lens and a phone call later, i was much happier, and eventually fell asleep.

Up again at 2am, it's damned cold here in the morning. I had a hood and my jacket on. Still cold. Had a great story to read on the train, so i nearly missed my stop. Oops...

A large coffee made the day brighter still, birds chirping, sun rising, interesting people chatting to me.

I went into the building, and relieved the Liverpool panel. Alas that was the wrong panel. I am on Table shift. Oh well. I waited for the real Liverpool guy to come in. And then took up my real station. ::head smack::

There is a driver here, he is off the road for some reason, and now rhinos he will walk into an AC position. Hmmmm some people have high opinions of themselves. I had to start at the bottom, the other drivers that have come over started at the bottom.... Sigh..

Going for a beer this arvo, mornings make me crazy.

In other news, a friend returned home from his holidays, he had me worried as it was after 1am Europe time. That's a long day!!! We could turn him into an Aussie with that sort of road hours... Lol


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