Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Busy Day off

But enjoyable.

Woke up after only a asmall amount of sleep. No alarm, just woke up.GRRR SO much for a sleep in.
Watched some TV that I had recorded before David joined me in the lounge.

Pleasant morning, and David made pancakes. I of course melted our favourite flipper, but if you let me into the kitchen, these things happen.

Left around 1330 to go to the Motor show as I had arranged earlier last week. This means I had to put off an arvo coffee with Squeak and I hope he doesn't mind too much. I will go next week I promise.

As I stood on Sydneham platform, I heard a steam whistle. A quick call tot he box, confirmed a steam train was arriving next on Platform 2. Drat I was on 4.. Anyway as I discovered 3237 was not leading anyway. :-(

A Heritage movement through Sydenham

The motor show was interesting. I have a better idea where my next car will come from. And I think Tim does too, alas it looks like he will pussy out and buy another Automatic. ((PFT))

Sydney Motor Show
Sydney Motor Show
Crowds on a Monday

Rushed of to TAFE and the M4, the M7 and every other road we tried was jammed. Tim looked up the traffic reports just in time to save us a long detour on the M7 due to what looked like a fire on the off ramp we needed. We arrived at Richmond a few mintues late and of course the instructor had started early. This meant we got the seat at the front. As it was this position as unnatural as it is for me to not be next to the door, worked out. YAY.

Tim assisted in Snake probing.. and yes it requires KY, a stick and paper towel. One baby and one 3yr old were probed. The baby was female and the adult a male. THAT was interesting. The instructor showed us how to open a snake's mouth with a credit card. In case of biters that will not let go.

Sexing a snake (Probing)

He advocated Tongs to get snakes out of their containers but both Tim and I are handllers. The tongs in my mind can crush a snake, espcially a baby one. AND most of the people in this group are new.

He also advocated Kitty Crumble (Now Critter crumble) Which is great for AARBORIAL species. The ground dwellers have too much drying in the skin due to the coconut husks.

On the whole a better class, still al ittle dull, but not as disorganised as last week. Hope for him yet.

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