Monday, October 4, 2010


Drinking and HDR DOes work IF you select the same photos... Um...
Still success..
I was playing with Koen's photos too and will be naughty and upload one.. MY favourite the paint effect. Taken by Koen Poppe

ANYWAY thmy favourite, and I hope he doesn't kill me for uploading an un-authorised copy..
I have been playing with HDR a bit. Mostly using Lightroom to create three to five exposures from one RAW file (I adore RAW) then making an HDR from that.

see what you think.

South Head

the original was not worth even uploading.

this next one is a little dark, but the original was dodgy..

South Head

anyway being drunk, I was pleasantly surprised at the photos of my totem. A lovely pose

My Totem

I love these birds they keep me safe.

Been a quiet day.. I was drinking but got disturbed but regained my mellow equilibrium when I found a bottle of baileys.. 1950's-10970's music had me relaxed and cool.... :-) Friends overseas are busy at work, others here are going to bed.. soI'll see if I can do a few more photos before crashing.. need water....

anyway too pissed to make a coherent sentence.

SO To my close friends. I love you.


  1. Drunk blogging and drunk HDR FTW! :-)

  2. Yeah now sober, i like it. :-) ok new rule, no editing but HDR allowed...


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