Friday, October 8, 2010

I'll sleep when I'm dead

I struggled home. No usual chat on the way, stupid daylight savings even had me home before the sun rose. :-(
I had a shoot planned, to set up on the car, and shoot the sunrise with fog in the valleys. Picton Is notorious for fog in the spring and autumn. Of course, no sunrise, no fog either.

I got home,still in the dark....but sleep was to elude me as i had to wait up for the Foxtel man.

I did try for a sleep, making sure the door bell was working, and phones next to me, but the house phone rang. I could not get up in time. Grrr...mind you, it only rang twice.

Dozing, but could not sleep, one ear always open for someone at the door. Finally i get a call at noon (of course). He arrived at 1207 (hey!!! Outside the 7-12 time frame) and installed my HD box. It didn't take long. Basically i pay a guy $100 to take out a silver box and plug in a black box. Hmmmmm i coulda done that. Post it to me!

Anyway... Standard Def works but Not High Def. Of course. No way anything from Telstra could run smoothly. I rang up three times to get it fixed. Each time, i was told it would take two hours. Ffs. You are charging me an extra $12, provide the channels.. Aaarrgghhh

I hope i don't need to stalk into a telstra store again just to get service, but this will probably happen. ::sigh::

Anyway with 2hrs of sleep gained in the afternoon, I am on night shift again.

Tomorrow is my breakfast with Troy, we have missed three weeks. So pancake breakfast FTW!!

Sunday is a fuck up. I have no idea what is going on, all I know is I finish work at 0600.
No photos were taken by me.. So it'll be a random pic today.

From Crouchy
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