Thursday, October 7, 2010

Last Afternoon shift

Huzzah!! It was dull, nothing happened.. Although the new screen that was installed yesterday, was already defective..hmmm... Dell, you need to fix the quality control on your monitors..

I was relieved early YAY! and got a lift to East Hills. I arrived at Picton at 2300, as always, and coming up the stairs nearly Stepped on a huge moth! I rushed home to get my DSLR and David's Macro lens.. BUT I ended up using my trusty (Now favourite) 35mm lens.

Giant Moth

He was as big as my hand wing tip to wing tip. I had to ticke him to get his to show me his other wings. Tim will hopefully ID him for me.

Giant Moth

Giant MothThe macro lens was amazing for capturing his face. Look at those HUGE antenna!!! I couldn't get him to lift them as I would have preferred, but I am sure the CCTV was wondering what a woman was doing lying on the filthy steps at the station. I am surprised the cops were not called. Maybe no-one noticed.. Picton is dead after the last train.
Stayed up late starting the mammoth job of keywording my photos. A job I have put off too many times and of course not it is now out of control. need more days dedicated to doing the basic stuff.

I had the hairdresser today, of course I could not pay her, but David came through and transferred money to my account. PHEW!!

Now I am doing the brief I have given my friends, but to my knowledge, only one other has tried.. YAY! To Koen who did his best with an overcast day and a bowl. I think he did excellently. A new camera, a new lens, and a new technique. SO well done!

kp20101003 0247

kp20101003 0229

I love the entry splash of the grape. I love how everyone has a different interpretation of the same instructions. I do hope others give a shot.

My interpretation is different. I used Soda water to get bubbles, and old Guard's shirt for blue background (Which got all wet) and the trusty 35mm. I did try with the 100mm macro, but without a tripod, or a helper, I was not able to capture what I wanted. SOOO

I'll just upload the 35mm ones.

and to anyone that wished to play... Do your interpretation of a fruit drop into liquid and send to David for judging.

Fruit Drop


damn it flickr deleted my moth photos.. Uploading again... Hang on..

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