Monday, October 11, 2010

A long long binary day

As i had seen that David had stayed up until after 4am, i wandered up to to watch the sunrise over the valley.

Sunrise from redbank

A magical view, so close to home. It reminds me of how lucky i am to live here. The birds sang as the dawn broke, and i even managed to shoot the down XPT and the Up endeavour. After an or or so, the sun was up and i headed home.

I stayed up from night shift to make David a breakfast. I had crepes, strawberries, but no idea how to make all this into a breakfast. Luckily a friend from the US on his way to work was able to message me a quick idea. Yay!!
I did as he suggested, and behold!!! Strawberry sauce for the crepes. A quick apple and cinnamon loaf and i had a breakfast.
I even found the white chocolate sauce as a topping
I made D a breakfast

An apple cinnamon loaf cake

By this time, it was after 10, so me in my night shift trackies, and David freshly showered, headed off to Penrith to see Tim and Shelley.

I had given Tim a vague set of directions to find a cafe that i had enjoyed a year ago, the last time i had had breakfast in Penrith. Between two tattoo places, on high st near a carpark.. Tim thought to ask Ben, who was the person i had had the breakfast with and he narrowed it down to next to an optometrist and it had a shiny floor. Could you find this place with those directions? Well, Tim did. Amazing. So i was thrilled that we could have a decent meal at a reasonable price and the coffee was an excellent as i remember.

We had met Shelley up the road, as we were looking at for 412, a typo as it was 472... But we all managed to find it.

Tim, Shelley and I, all put in to get David a new GPS as his old one was so ancient, that software updates are no longer produced. Tim very kindly did the shopping, so the secret was kept.

After an excellent breakfast, we wandered to cold rock ice-cream. I was not originally keen, as ice-cream was the last thing i could face, but after an excellent meal at the cafe, it was more palatable.

Tim and Shelley had to go home, Shelley lives in the city over an hour away depending on traffic, so we parted. D allowed me to go to officeworks (yay) after which we went to Drue's place.

I had a 20minute nap, as David went to see Drue's train layout. I was beyond tired now... Pocket frogs kept me going.. Finally got my white frog. Now to breed an all black one....

We made it home by 1800, which meant no sleep. A quick shower, and i was off to work. ::sigh::

The new timetable started on the 10th and the sunday am caused only a minor issue. Of course now it is early Monday am, we suddenly need a manger here to ensure the smooth running. Pretty stupid, as it not the managers who run the trains, it's a monitoring roll only and the managers are not happy to be at work at 2am any more than we are thrilled to see them.

Off home to sleep very soon...... Count down. Must remember I start TAFE again tomorrow night. I have been waiting a year for these advanced courses as they are only rung once a year. I hope to complete my certificate by December. Fingers crossed. Assuming I can afford the field trip.


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