Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The moon on the way home from TAFE and a strange day today (Wednesday)

Got up at 2am.. **Yawn** I was sitting on my train, wait for it to leave at 0350hrs.. when the guard made an announcement, that due to a signal failure, the train would be delayed. I thought, a signal failure, 10-15 minutes delay and we will be off. That's ok as my train arrived 40 minutes early. I then get a phone call from John, come in via car at the whole box has gone down.. OH no....
SO I wandered to my car and drove to work. Stopping for a coffee Macdonalds told me that I have no money in my account. Great this day is moving forwards and down.. fast... :-( scraped enough together to buy the coffee, and arrived at work just after 5. As I arrived the Regional manager arrived. Oh.. Collared shirt, check, hair done, check, pass? Check. PHEW!
He stayed to monitor the situation that was just coming back on line and my twitter peeps managed to get trains. WIN.
I was on the lucky panel. Meeks road, not really effected by the outage.  BUT When everyone was having quiet time, I coped all this freight. There were trains everywhere.
One driver decided to take his whole train on a shunt instead of the locos only making a simple job rocket science. **Sigh** I begged a favour from Cooks River and we got him back on the right path. The day continued busy but nothing too difficult.

I was going to the herp meeting but Tim pointed out that it was about Dingoes.. and local dingoes at that so **Yawn* I battled the traffic on the M5 to get home. THIS IS WHY I TAKE THE TRAIN. the M5 is a horrible road. AARGHH

David took me shopping and after $400, we had the milk.. and cheese which he then ate. I made chocolate chilli, which was tasty and a lemon cake which in the woosang tradition, was burnt around the edges. THIS is how you know I really cooked it. No burn, it was D not me.
I messed up but then repaired the icing and it tasted ok.
David was de-lousing Sid, it id amazing to watch he has the snake totally calm and can even scratch and dig under his chin. No restraint, just supporting the snake's body. It is astounding.

DAvid the snake charmer

here are the moon photos from Monday night. Not great quality as I did not have the long lens or a tripod.. only my bonnet and my 18-200.

Red moon as it rose
The red is NOT edited. This is how red it was.

Moon at Razorback

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  1. I'm curious about this chocolate chili. I'm not sure if it's something I'd like. Also, how long does it take to melt the chocolate? Seems like it'd take a long time.


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