Monday, October 25, 2010

My quiet hermit day

Yes!!!!! I finally got a day whet i didn't have to go anywhere, do anything or even speak to a soul.

I was woken up by David, but this was pre-arranged as 1. He needed a lift and 2. I had to get into daywork mode.
So at daybreak, i was traveling up the highway, and upon return, David went to bed and i settled myself on the couch.

I did actually do some chores. I moved Adam to Eve's cage. I watched them interact. At first Adam stayed in his corner and she in hers, but then after an hour, Adam moved to her hide, which is warmer, and bullied her out. There was a mild spat, but in the end, he won, being bigger and stronger. I left them to sort it out. I need a bigger hide for them.

Eve & Adam

On to Sid. Sid caught mites from Medusa. Just when i think i have beaten the little bastards, they return.
I treated Sid & Alice, picked mites off Sid..then placed him into his cage. Through the afternoon, Sid went all floppy and seemed to have breathing issues. I pulled him out of his cage and he sat on my lap for ann hour or two until David got up.


David took Sid, now better, and did more mite plucking. That snake tolerates David doing this.

Didn't get to bed at the correct time for AM shift. :-( so i ran late this morning. Least i made the train.

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