Friday, October 22, 2010

The prodigal son has returned.

A dull day, but I had a non touch group hug when I got to work.  John brought me a muffin, Ahmed heard I had forgotten my lunch so he gave me a can of tuna, John then donated a roast beef roll.. ALL Tom then made me a coffee..

The roll was divine. I have never had a roast beek roll so very delicious. Was there a drug on it?? I dunno but it was awesome!

Yummy lunch

The never really got hectic... but the boys cooked up pasta enough to feed all the three shifts... I have take away for tomorrow's 12hr shift

When I arrived home, I saw a snake on the bench in a plastic box... It was a light brown, had diamonds on it.. I thought Adam, then no, Adam is missing why is EVE on the bench, but Eve is in confusion I rang David,..... who told me to check Eve's cage.
Even was in her cage.. sleeping on her moderated heat mate.


Adan, had been gone since May 3 (Yeah happy birthday to me) Not eaten since April and here he was. Healthy though thin.. I stuck my fingers in to see if he was agressive. No, but he sniffed my fingers in a meaningful way.... I closed the lid and covered him.
But my lost son has returned.. Of course Medusa is queen of his cage now.. and she is not giving that up, so Adam will have to live with Eve in the same cage.  We shall have to re-arrange all the kids again.. BUT nothing is impossible.

Will check him out tomorrow after I get him a rat. (DAMN No car)
Then he can move in with Eve.

Adam is found

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  1. Nice to see the little escape artist is back home. :-)


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