Quiet day

I was rudely awaken by the phone, it was only 9am.. :-( As you all know I have night shift. SO I was unhappy at the interruption. David was not thrilled either.

I could not go back to sleep, so I watched some recorded TV. Relaxing and hopefully restful. We shall see.

D got up at 1300 or so, and we made our way to Derks with Adam to buy frontline.
Frontline, as recomended but the TAFE vet to eradicate mites.. We shall see. Worth a try. No big sized bottle so we have to start with a small one. I will have to start with that.

Adam goes shopping

Off to Quintessential coffee Shoppe, its pretty much given up. A shame as Kim makes a great coffee. Adam had free reign of the cafe as Kim closed up.
Adam goes shopping
We had to get stuff from coles and by this time Adam had gone for a snooze in my hair. No one really noticed until the checkout lady had a start. She then reached out to touch Adam then he stuck his head out to see who was touching him. She was delighted at how soft he was.  Made her day.

Adam at Coles with me

Got odd looks as I walked down the street but most people are too afraid to stop me. :-)

David bough me a watch
D bough this cool watch for me as he knows I like Binary clocks. Stoked :-)

Right off to work....zzzzzzz


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