Saturday, October 30, 2010


Relaxing afternoon. I had a pleasant shift last night in spite of two people I can't stand. The know it all started to know it all about the Waratah, but even Tom told him to shut up. That made him defensive and agressive. Moron.


Tim told me that at the same time he was wrestling Apophis of a blown out rat. YES the snake blew the guts out of a rat.. what a great message to have on your screen
Ew!!!! First message of day

I am weirded out. but I move on... I watched some recorded TV, but in am effort to keep my promise to a close friend, I went to use the treadmill. 70mins of keeping my heart rate at between 135-140BPM.. and I made it to 5.48km.. Treadmill Kms.. which is never quite the same and real life KMs.
Can't really use map my run for such walks and I don't actually move, BUT I discovered that my iPad is an excellent training tool. It relieves sheer boredom YAY!!
Yay for ipads

Other than that off to work and start another day (Night)....

Ink did not want her water changedMore calm now

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