Sunday, October 3, 2010

Social butterfly

So i turned into a social butterfly... Saturday was the last day work, YAY!!! the day went quickly, i was chatting until around noon, by which time i did some reading and then my relief turned up. Awesome. I couldn't go home as i had to go to Shelley's birthday party.

I had a small present, but needed ro get few extras to mKe it 30th worthy. Lovely lady, k am extremely fond of her, but i have no idea what DVDs or books she likes, so i was flying blind. I did know her achillies heel in store and so headed there for a voucher.
I was thrilled when my credit card approved the amount i wanted to buy her. Phew!!! On the ay out, feeing smug, i found a stand that sold the world's cutest purses. I lusted after some kitty purses when it occurred to me that Sheelley may like one. A quick message to Tim and a colour was chosen. I found a scarf for myself, and now, my poor account is overdrawn. DAMN!!! curses to the cutesy stand.

Not such a good job in the wind & rain

I wanted to shoot in the city, but it just rained. It was cold and miserable. So i walked. The count in it's wisdom, have dressed up the statues in the city. It's horrifying. Poor Queen Victoria, and Prince Albert. :-( no respect. Honestly. Who would have thought of this stupid idea.

Stupid statue dressups

I visited the cenotaph. Something Koen had said a few days ago, got me thinking, i don't visit the war memorials often enough.
As always i got depressed, but it's a lovely memorial to the fallen.

Our cenotaph

Returned to work, i packed up all the tidbits i had bought for shelley and awaited a lift Tim had retrieved David from Penrith and was going to pick me up at well.

Arrival at Shelley's revealed a beautiful, large apartment, luxury in the CBD. I was gobsmacked. My house in Erskineville was not as large as this place. I could happily live here..

Dave & Shelley

I got to meat some interesting people that were aliens to me, the educated species... Most were scientists, one was a builder who was ann ex-nurse. Amazing. This lady was 4ft tall, slight and yet a successful builder.


I had a great time. Trouble for me was i was exhausted. I had been awake since 3am, and by 2300 i was just over being awake.
Around midnight, the three of us departed, after the cake. :-).after Tim had to manhandle the poor girl.

Shelley gets man handled

A shame, but D had to work at 5am, and i was on as well, but in the afternoon.

I really have to upload some photos. But i am now a month behind...

Last night (well this am) was daylight savings. I LOATHE this changing of the clocks. We have plenty of sunshine. The arguments are stupid and it's disrupting to everyone.
David received a call at 3am winter time, from work, but this was 2am summer time, an hour earlier than usual, and when the clocks did change, the apple alar, turned itself off, so he missed the train.


Leave the bloody clocks alone.



  1. thanks woo! i'm so glad you guys were able to make it and had a great time. i've already swapped everything over and am now using the kitty purse!

  2. I love that little purse, not sure how robust it will be, but I aim to get myself one next time I am in the city


  3. Twas a fun night! Seriously! Shelley's apartment just kept going and going! Rooms and stairs everywhere. The chocolate was awesome! I didn't manhandle Shelley, the photo just looks bad. :-P As for the other photo...


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