Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sutho went to crap

Arrived at 1315. Received phone call at 1320hrs. At 1322hrs Cronulla was shut down.

Managed ok until I had to issue two work on track authorities, and this is when I needed the table man. Thank goodness it was Ahmed. Phew!

Anyway after a hectic 90 or so minutes plus me being investigated for an alleged safe working breach (lies, I was cleared) I got counselled for swearing and life went on.

Usual Friday night at sutho. Vandals, drunks, brawls.
Had to call the transit car, which was a first.. Lol

Oh!! The signal box got new tables...

Not able to get home & back to brekkie so it's the floor for me. Least Hanko made a nice dinner.

Sydney was lovely where I was.. But I hear there were storms in other parts.
I stupidly took my camera on my walk so only strolled.

Too much of a distraction that camera.
Still did over 8000steps.

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