Saturday, October 16, 2010

TAFE, arvos and Sexpo (adult pics)

Monday night was course 2 of the 4 course certificate for Advance Reptile handling. Unlike my previous lecturer last year, this person was (Although highly qualified) disorganised. The first 30-40 minutes of the first hour was wasted with general conversation about his direction of the course, what we want out of it.. etc etc.. whilst this is ok for a normal TAFE course, this subject of only 3 hours for three days. SO each minute is precious. AND I am paying for this, taking time off work, as are others in my class. Not all of us have only school to worry about.


One day off saw me watching movies and drinking.. alas it was a haunted day and so I didn't sleep well at all. A night that had me waking up in fright. **Sigh**

Afternoon shift 1 was dull. Not bad but dull.

Arvo 2 um, busy with freight, but I managed to fit in a walk, so I felt better about the day.

Today, Friday, neither David nor I slept well. David was awake at 0530, and i struggled on for an extra hour. He wanted to go to expo, i felt run over and less than enthusiastic. (under statement) Tim & Koen got caught in the cross fire, but minor injures only (I hope)
Arrived at the station, and the train was late. :-( of course. At first, every one on the platform, saw the freight train, and assumed that ARTC had placed a freight train in front of the local, but as it turned out, a freight train has lost a wagon load of wheat into a set of points. A passenger, who works with a train museum , told us that the wheat was on the South side of Moss Vale station, and a gang of guys are madly shoveling wheat off the track. SO, our train ended up being 30 odd minutes late.

We arrived finally at Sexpo, just before opening time.

The place was just a Bunnings sized sex shop, and a large hall with a peep show. Really not much else, it cost $37 to get in and from there you were assaulted with sellers trying to get you to buy their show bags.

Firebrigade were there toating their calendar, money to charity.

I met playbunny of the year, but like most women of the adult industry, bad skin, bad hair (dry & brittle) but unlike most, she was nice.

Tacky, cheap that sums it up. I got an awesome new vibrator, $200 of silicone...

(photos when I upload from phone)

Wandered home, then to herp meeting. Adrian from Adrian's reptile world gave a lecture on Green tree pythons. Whilst not my personal favourite python, he was interesting and lots i was surprised at.
Got a Macherps shirt (awesome) and a book about Eric Worrell, the guy who set up Gosford's reptile park.

Thrilled with my haul.

Drove Tim home, and picked up David on the way.. Now off to bed.

Location:Menangle St,Picton,Australia

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