Tuesday, October 26, 2010

TAFE Photos (No autopsy ones )

A juvenile Scrub Python
A juvenile Scrub Python (The one that bit me)
A 9yr old Carpet Python
A cranky 9yr Carpet

                   A 9yr old Carpet PythonA 9yr old Carpet Python

Needed almost the whole class to hold him still for probing.

Western Australian Bluetongue
This western blue tongue made a high **Couch** speed break for freedomWestern Australian Bluetongue
There you are.. top speed.. lol
Woma PythonWoma PythonWoma Python
the woma is showing us how he moved in the sandy environment that he lives in. Of course Tim has his tongue out.. I am SOOOOO going to make a collage of him doing that. I know Robin will find it funny.

Water PythonWater Python

This water Python was well behaved. People tell me that they are agressive but I have not found one to be yet. MIND you it pissed on Tim... but hey..

Sir Charles Charming the Class
Sir Charles was a busy guy, charming all the students. He was the star of the show. (Of course)
Sir Charles Charming the Class

Apophis got more attention than he wanted
Apophis gets a Dental check
getting a free dental check up from the mean lady (vet) She also sexed Yingarna, who was not impressed... and hissed at me the whole time. The verdict, 90% sure she is female.

Eve was charming people who liked snakes and her story amazed people as they looked at her now good condition
Eve trys a new life as a belt

even attempting life as a belt.

Sir Charles Charming the Class

from here we moved into autopsies... David doesn't like bits of creatures... so the next blog will be not for him.

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