Friday, October 29, 2010

Thursday.Never could get the hang of thursday

Train to work. Sleep was broken but not too back. (For me) and the train was the best bet.
Arrived at work too early. :-( 1250. Stupid new timetable.
I thought I was on SC panel, but I was supposed to be on SE panel. I had setteled on SC panel, so when Jeff came in, he took SE panel. AW.. Thank you Jeff.

No  real difference, I just didn't wanna move al my stuff. AND he got a bonus early relief.

Dull day (Aren't arvos always?) but nothing to complain about. Did a short walk, in pain all the way. Its getting worse, but I can't just sit and get even fatter. So I limp on. **SIgh**

Managed to get a good relief and hence the train home. YAY Not 90 minutes wait at campbelltown for the hoon. :-)

I think a night cap and bed.. :-)

Rats outta Feeneys, and baileys.. No night cap. :-(

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