Saturday, October 16, 2010

Twas a blustery day

High winds the temp never climbed above 18C

Weather today cold!!
The winds brought down the top of one of my trees. So, David and I had to break up some parts so no pedestrian would be hurt.
Need to drop the rest of the tree. A shame as it is a lovely tree. :-( alas i am on afternoon shifts so it will be hard to find time. If my mother ever returned stuff, David could do it, but no.
My destroyed tree

Destroyed tree

 Wagga Wagga is cut off, my family farm is cut off due to flooding, the only way to Melboune is via the coast road. 
Snow in various places in the state. InOctober. This time last year we had dust storms that made our city red. This year, snow. Um spring any time you are ready... 

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