Wednesday, October 20, 2010

up n Downs

The day started well. A lot of little things made me very happy.

1. found enough shrapnel in the car to buy a coffee (Large)
2. Mick's wife made it (AWESOME)
3. got a good black chair at work so my back was comfortable

al was well, I was skimming on my caffeinated happiness when I found a piece of paper, it doesn't matter what is was about but I saw my ego being crushed. I don't know why it even matters. Not like I actually care what the men think.. but still my female pride was wounded. ALso I missed an opportunity, I watched it pass me by.

SO I went on my walk in a foul mood. I had my mind working overtime, and of course my brain will poison my self esteem.

Its only cause I know I have friends that I deal with day to day.Hate being so fragile. Like a balloon, easy to ruin...sigh

ANYWAY these friends dragged me up again..

so the rest of the afternoon was good.


I have been drinking so what else I was gunna blog, I don't remember.... But Thanks to Brian, Tom, Tim, Mike, Grant and David. You all made my day. The one dip was a glitch and I thank you all.

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