Monday, October 25, 2010

Work, TAFE and the bites

I started my day just after 2am. Yes, 2am. Not even the bats were out.
Wandered off to work and I managed to catch up on twitter on the train.
I was on table shift so I just did meal breaks. Had a fight with the boss, who, due to backstabbing in the ranks, is feeling rather unwanted. He was sick too which would not have helped. But I did hear he would be happy to see the back of us. Shame,// as as far as managers go, he is OK. yes there are problems, but no one is perfect and frankly I honestly think he is getting a raw deal. They will regret driving him out.

Just as it was home time, the upper managers arrived, On dear not a good time for my relief to be late.
Ahmed hung around and gave me a lift to Leumeah, so I could get home more quickly.
Spent an hour with David before bundling two of my nine snakes into the car and heading off to Abode of Squeak.


A pleasant lightening visit, and I looked up at the clock and it was a shock that so MUCH time has elapsed. OOPS I was now running late and all the lights were against me. OF Course.

I arrived with only a few minutes to spare and we settled in.
Tim has Sir charles there and to of his black soil dragons. The wee little dragons, (Not so little now) were a hit.

The vet teaching, had brought some of her big pythons. A scrub python, a lovely juvenile male who was active but not a bad boy. I did cop a bite but not a serious one, he was just telling me to back off.
A scrub python bit me

A water python, a woma and a HUGE 9 year old carpet python. I mean HUGE. It was this monster that the boys were going to help sex. Whilst the boys wrestled the monster snake, my pythons were charming the class. I demonstrated how large pythons like tiny boxes and Eve showed that even the most serious wounds can be overcome.
I got several offers for eve and one for Yingarna. One boy is a newbie and I think Eve, whist a nice girl is unsuitable in her needs for a first timer. Adam is more his speed. BUT do I wanna sell my first snakes? Eve is a beloved pet, but if a vet nurse can bring her more attention that I can.. should I sell her?
Somethings for me to sleep on.

We saw 4 autopsies. All very interesting. I got splashed with bowel of Red Belly, but it was a very educational experience. Last time I saw an animal cut up, I was in science class. I didn't know Lizards kept they hearts between their shoulders.

Also learnt that turtles can absorb liquid through their arse... as well as breathing...

The drive home was long, it is now after 2200hrs... but the most amazing moon appeared over the horizon. I stopped a few times to try to capture it, but I should have stopped at Penrith, up high as by the time I arrived at Razor back it had risen too high and was yellow.

Got the snakes home. Yingarna and Eve safely in their hides asleep. Tired girls
Adam bit me as I tried to get Eve in her cage. *Sigh**

And finally I get so sleep myself.. soon.....
Lots pf photos to share but will have to wait until tomorrow. Goodnight!

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