Wednesday, November 3, 2010

12hr night shift plus first attempt at Sculpture by the sea

The shift started off with a running, start. **Sigh**
There was a possession that means my lines were reduced from 4 to 2. :-( EVERYTHING had to use the illa main and that meant delays. To add to my misery, the airport closed as well. Then a guy wanted CSB, individual ones to clean every station on the east Hills line. ARRGGHHHH I was on the phone all night. 
A colleague rang off sick at 2230hrs and the job was going to be covered by the night shift of that panel. ALAS A bit later in the evening, it was handed to me. **Sigh** YES it was possible to say no, but frankly my debt is outta control and my dearest will expect some presents at Xmas.. Even if not as fancy as previous years.

ANYWAY.. As I took over Sefton, I got a track failure. just great. Tired, grumpy and I get a major crack. YAY.. Delays happened to morning peak, but there was not a damed thing I could do. CAN Block working takes time. Eventually there was an emergency track work done and it was fixed but around 10am.. 

HOME you think?? NOOOOO
The sun was shining and the sky blue with white clouds SO this vampire braved the sun and went to her traditional art exhibition. 
Its awesome but this year's awesomeness was less than the pervious years. Still a few favourites and it will take me a while to process the Canon photos so a selection form my poor long suffering iphone.

Sculpture by the sea (iPhone)
As I rounded the corner from the grass seats I was shooting a green sculpture and someone tapped me on the shoulder and whispered BOO in my ear. Leo has seen me from higher up the cliff face and had come to say hello He had been on night shift with me, but unlike me, he was fresh and well rested.  A short chat and I sent him off on his walk and I continued my long climb up the cliff.
The top is Mark's park, This is where they gather a lot of the sculptures together and hence the place is usually teaming with children. Usually school groups and today was no exception. THIS had me cursing the acceptance of the 12hrs as I has missed the best part fo the best day of the week. GRR I will make a bet it will rain the rest of the week, Sculpture by the sea (iPhone)Sculpture by the sea (iPhone)
This little tank was interesting, being made out of office stuff. BUT it suffered the touching disease. EVERY  one had to touch it and the paint art work. They don't care and the reflective art works are ruined by the time I arrived fouled with horrible hand prints.. EW for one and ruins the shots.
Sculpture by the sea (iPhone)Sculpture by the sea (iPhone)

The school children enjoyed this one...and it was hard to not see it covered in teens posing. Sculpture by the sea (iPhone)

I really liked Bondi venus. An erotic piece but not at the same time. The boulders are just simple boulders. IT was the most clever used of material.
Sculpture by the sea (iPhone)Sculpture by the sea (iPhone)Sculpture by the sea (iPhone)

ANYWAY of course much more on my canon.. I need sleep. AFTER 32hrs.. I am buzzing.....

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