Thursday, November 25, 2010

12hr shift

finished work after 12hrs. I was so very tired. I drove out of the gate into a traffic jam. **Sigh** I was flustered slightly by the heavy traffic and by the time I made it to the open road, I was certainly not in a fit state for driving on a freeway.
Nearly had to pull over.

Got the mail, and then fell into bed around 11am.
Only 4 or so hours sleep, the day got too hot to sleep more. 31C in the mid afternoon. Zzzz as I got up so late, only had a short time before I was off to work again. I cant wait for some lazy time. I need rest. I need to just lie by the pool and read. Just have time to read. I have 5 or 6 magazines on my ipad to read, a good book a friend sent me and some texts to read. I just wanna sink into my reading coma.

Alas I can't squeeze a whole weekend as I have to go to work at 6am..

IN other news our pay rise of 4% comes into effect 7 days from November 25 (Today). Our back pay will be the fortnight after. I will get 8mths backpay but tax will steal 45% of that. Oh well. It is money I can use on a credit card.
Looks like my slush fund of $3000 will also be eaten by tax but I am happy to be making some bulk payments on my poorly used credit cards. I may even have enough to pay off my store card. :-) YAY

I have tidbits of presents this year. I always feel like a hypocrite as I don't believe in Xmas and would rather the great feast and leave it at that. NO idea what to give my son, and I can't get in contact with Inara. :-( I really hope I can arrange a BBQ with my close friends and their kids. It does my son good to be with other kids.

My lease is increasing to 40 000 KM. this will save me FBT and reduce my post tax payment by 10%. The trouble is, increased milage, increased running cost, its a pay off I am not sure I wanna change.

HMM Things to think about.

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