Saturday, November 27, 2010

Back home

My last day (and only full day) was spend being more social than i really am. My beloved husband is a social butterfly and he makes ( or want a to) friends easily. I don't want to.
Sooo he came home late last night, which is cool and mumbled something about breakfast and 0930. Me, being asleep, only registered the two words.

To my horror, he had meant at 0930, I had a breakfast date with neighbors. Arrghh
friendly people, but i felt my morning slip away. Sigh. I did warm to them, after a few coffees, and breakfast was lovely.
Returning to the sanctuary of our cabin, Jon walked past and D called to him. They went inside to use my iPad to research thermalite. Ok. Turns out Jon had his diamond python down, so I trekked to his cabin to see his pet. There she was about 6 yes old i guess, sunning on his deck. Just lovely. She was no receptive yo visitors so we let her be.
Jon saw a Sand goanna walking close to his cabin, and so David ran to get our cameras. Xoxo
Great shots, i

Home, via bargo to fetch D's car and I took photos for sale.
His car Is for sale on

Photos when i get home tomorrow


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