Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Better photos of Last Night's snakes

Tim has done a terrific blog explaining the class much better than I ever could so go over theredespatches blog

Tim also took this awesome shot of a Death adders, getting angry as he was stuck in a tube
Venomous Snake Handling - Death Adder

Which as you see, he was not thrilled to get into in the first place
Venomous Snake Handling - Death Adder
Desert Death Adders are reluctant to bite unless the threat is very close to them. They have large fangs,they produce a considerable amount of toxic venom. Today, it rarely is the cause of snake bites in Australia. They are regarded as very dangerous. The venom is most significantly neurotoxin, which once had a 50% mortality rate. Awesome. SO just don't step on him and you will be fine.

the "Placid" Tiger snake I had to handle (Notechis scutatus)
Venomous Snake Handling - Tiger Snake
A quick mover I struggled to keep him under control, and did have to drop him when he climbed up to my hand. But I got him into the bin and into the bag. AND not bitten so all good. He did have a go at climbing my jeans...UGH...got a lot of hissing and barking when I pissed him off by taking him out of the bin

here is Tim playing with a Copperhead

my Youtube videos on the subject are found at mstrainman and the uploads are going very very slowly 1000 minutes per video.. so be patient.

Any class mates who wish copies of the photos can supply me with a USB stick. I am not going to do the printing for you.

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