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Weekend saw me working. I know, shocking.. I have been burning the candle at both ends and so bed was bliss on Saturday morning. I had missed seeing David by one minute. One. Had the guy in front of me been driving at the speed limit, instead of 80km/hr then i woulda had a warm drink with my husband before he left for work. But as it was not to be, i crashed.


David came home early arvo, and we got the afternoon to frontline some snake cages. Sid was tolerant of David's search and the poor guy just sighed. I got the messy cage job.
Frontline is so very strong it makes me choke, so the snakes need to be out of the cage whilst it airs out. No way am I subjecting them to that.

Of course i had to go to work....

I was on table so watched a stupid movie... Chatted to Europe, and a fellow night shift worker in Australia. Helped the evening pass... I closed my ees around 2am... But no one got me up. ::sigh:: not fussed really as no one was home, David having gone to River Island

Sunday morning saw me working on my zazzle store. I had been neglecting that and my redbubble store. Zazzle had been bubbling away slowly, but certainly needed a re-vamp.
When i checked into redbubble, i discovered that i had been featured in the lighthouse group. Yay! It's nice to have a top spot for a while.
Got some lovely feedback from a pro in the US, though he may have just been polite.. Lol it's nice to hear anyway.

So as the morning wore on, so did an insidious headache. It finally got the better of me, forcing me to lie down.
I was dragged outta bed by the alarm, and as my headache was even worse, i had to catch the train. :-( i need to start driving to Campbelltown, as the new timetable has me missing a train in the am. But today that was impossible.

At work, Tom found more drugs for me, and Ali sent me to lie down after a few hours..

Finally around 4am I felt human again. Thank goodness.

Trains are stupid, the 0529 from Sydenham doesn't stop at Wolli creek so there is no Illawarra connection for the southern highlands connection.. Grr i had to juggle to catch the 0519 train. Seriously.

At Campbelltown had a brief natter with Bob (Jane's husband) which was lovely.

Off home, washing and more zazzle.

scultpure by the sea
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  1. We need more cities here in America whose names end in "ham."


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