Monday, November 8, 2010

disappointing but looking up.

The day was cool to start, and I had a jumper on, I was good and did a load or two of washing.
Disappointing news sent my day into a spiral, only to be caught in the way down by some friends. They made me smile again.SO to the boys in QLD, and the states, thanks. Many hugs!

New book
Received a book in 'fair' condition **Cough** The book is spotless, nay, flawless. It even has a plastic cover on the dust sleeve that was supposed to be missing. WELL!!! I can't imagine when his excellent looks like. I also received an old 1930's Smithsonian textbook on Cold-blooded vertebrates. Very cool for $8

Off to TAFE tonight Whee!! Can't wait. We get to handle venomous snakes

Win7 is not connecting to the net so my photos have stopped. RATS

My two diamonds basking
Diamonds Basking
Lovely scenery of my daily commute
Trees pass by
Playing with Instagram a free app that does 1970's type filters. The green one are trees as my train passes and the two snakes basking in the morning sun. So cute!!
Ink ventures out
Ink comes out of hiding
Yingarna showing how lovely she is
Yingarna being pretty

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