Friday, November 5, 2010

Entertaining 12hrs

Biggest NEWS of the day is thought, Tim graduated today and is now a badge carrying Transit officer. Congratulations Tim!! Only a few weeks of in the field and you are on your own. (So to speak) Whee! A nurse no longer.

I was dreading the shift, 1800-0600 not being an absolute favourite.. but it worked nicely

Traffic was unusually light for peak hour and I even had time for a coffee at the servo. Win! The first half was a litte slow as I did have to actually to some shunts, but the crew was great and we chatted most of the arvo. We ordered pizza at 1900 and by 2100, it still have not arrived.
SO was cancelled. We had rung several times in the 2 hours and the pizza shop is 2 minutes away so it doesn't take 2 hours to deliver 3 pizzas. They keps saying it was on its way and even said that again when we rang at 2100, but we told them that the shift was relieved and if they insisted on bringing the pizzas there would be no money. SO don't bother.
Seriously two hours. ridiculous.

Europe came on line for a chat, and the US departed for sleep (Shift workers too) and to my surprise and delight, as aussie was also stuck on night shift. Cool!

Did some work with google apps and that filled in the remaining 5hours. I looked up and it was almost time to go. :-) Its great when there are friends that fill in the time for well. :-)

Slept only 5 hours, so tonight may not be so easy.. and have only done one or two more photos from Sculpture by the sea.

Got woken byt the Avon lady who did tell me she was coming after lunch, but i didn't realise she would be soo early... I need to specify a time I think. She was here at 1220, so I had to leave her here to go down the road to get cash. OOPS!

Avon, when it sticks to what it does best (Face creams) Excels, no other brand is better alas, they attempt to branch out.. :-( and suck at everything else.

 a most pleasant beginning to feel mellow and calm..

Bondi Venus HDR

scultpure by the seascultpure by the sea scultpure by the sea

scultpure by the sea scultpure by the sea scultpure by the sea

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