Friday, November 26, 2010

finally some down time.

I was beaten home by D, but he was up waiting for me. (yay!)
Although he was busy today, he had arranged his day so I could get a few hours at River Island. I am frazzled and not gone to a quiet place in a very, very long time.

Anyway on our way there, me stopped for meat at Mittagong market place. David was tired as was I, and I wanted to get there, but we need to have supplies..
David popped across the road to see if he could find an item he was looking for at Dick Smith, and ended up buying a TiVo to replace the aging Topfield. The prices are still high, but reduced $200 from what they were. Still he did need it and it has remote recording like my foxtel.

River island

Eventually we made it to the cabin, It only then dawned on my that this was a warm weekend and EVERYONE will be arriving tonight. :-( I am one of the few people who come here for the isolation NOT the parties. I wanted peace and quiet and to go herping. Alas lots of people means no lizards and snakes. :-(
In my backyardDavid drove me down to the river, and we were very very lucky to see Water Dragons. ( Physignathus lesuerii howitti) Lots of them. I got down amongst the roo poo (Ugh) to get some level shots of a big male dragon. He tolerated me for a while then went running off. I followed. Eventually he approached the car and head bobbed aggressively. We took the hint and left him in peace with his females. David spied some Juveniles and a female. It was not a totally wasted afternoon, David retired for the afternoon, and slept until early evening, in the meantime, around 1400hrs, I ventured out to see of any other animals were about. Only one or two King parrots, a few Kookaburras who were not being co-operative and a very very fast Copper Tailed Skink.
All the photos are on my camera and so I have to wait until I get home to upload them.
Beer o'clockDavid in his spa

Got a little bit of reading done.

I have an e-book version of TUATARA: A Living Fossil (Dec. 6, 2005) by Dick Lutz and Mary Lutz book.

 It has crappy pictures, and if this was a printed book, there are a lot of editorial errors and things are should have been deleted prior to print. Poor quality for the $122 price tag amazon are asking for the print version.
This text though, it interesting and I am amazed at this little animal. I want to see one in real life. Guess what?? In 2002 there were three in Australia all at Taronga zoo. I wanna see one. Photograph. Frankly I wanna keep one but that is not possible. If you have never heard of this animal, then do yourself a favour and look it up. Amazing it still exists.
(photoof animal from wikipedia)

OK a latest obsession (My friends all groan, I can hear Y'all)
- Breathes around 4-5 times a minute.
-heart rate around 8 beats a minute
-lives 80-100 years possible up to 300 years
- 3rd eye
--No penis
-Female takes 3 years to lay down egg yolk so breeding only once every 4 years.
-after mating takes a month for the ova to be fertilized
-temps over 25C can be fatal to them
-only 3 in Australia, 700 in captivity.

Cutie too., :-)

alright. Photos to do tomorrow Good night xoxox

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